Discreet Vulgarities

On view at the
Simone De Sousa Gallery from Sept.11 - Oct.12th, 2015.


In Discreet Vulgarities Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller's new works walk a thin line between the grotesque and the humorous, incorporating common elements and images such as 2" x 4" studs, pieces of plywood, mess-ups and fragments of the body. The new exhibit, including paintings, photographs, sculptures and video, also references situations of the everyday, social taboos, and "purpose." 

Adam Lee Miller paints bold, restrained, hard-edge paintings of obstructions, cover-ups, holes and spills that may not be so accidental.  While the work is largely hard-edged, Miller also welcomes chance through layering other techniques such as silkscreen, airbrush, faux boise, and stencil, in paintings that are purposely in conversation with the history of painting.

Nicola Kuperus shoots images that take on an almost performative quality, yet there is no performance. Kuperus also creates sculptural video works which reside inside peephole plywood boxes, inviting the viewer to submit to uncomfortable positions to experience the works through the strategically located openings. 
Extending through both gallery spaces, with no definition of a specific space for each artist, the exhibit will also present issues of authorization by blurring the collaborative and non-collaborative.  Can two artist that work and live together ever make anything that is completely of that one individual?


Installation View: Gallery 1

Installation View: Gallery 2

Too Many Spills - Silver Gelatin Print with painted toner - 16 x20 - One of a Kind

Lilac Stud - Acrylic on canvas over panel - 2' x 4'

A Dozen Perfect Positions (Detail) - Polaroids, Card Stock

Double Seat (With Double Hole) - Wood